Saturday, July 15, 2017


Salam people, happy July! 
Well this entry should have been done by last
February but, yeah, I dont like writing
here much anymore, I lost
my interest kind of, maybe
because am having near 30 syndrome.
Haha. Bosver, am just kidding. 

I was there in Bursa because I promised kak Ti
(Tsiqah Nasir) to attend her mock viva kind of.
So I went there to give moral support and
satisfying my unsatisfied food quench. 
Duh! We ate almost everything, she cooked
me Korean food, gish, was good. So yeah,
was still snowing that time, it was school
holiday even, winter break.
So we've decided to go for Uludag Mountain,
it was a great day to go there actually.
It was sunny at certain time but foggy later,
but yeah, when it comes to weather,
it is indeed unpredictable like
*cough* women. Haha.

The way going up there is by teleferik, like
a gondola kind of, since we're students,
we got student discount, God bless. 

It was freaking cold, knowing me
I hate gearing up with thick clothes, but I 
survived. :p

So here are the pictures. 

Kak Ti ni muda dari aku, dah budak2 panggil Kak Ti, aku pun Kak Ti kan die sekali. haha.

Frost ni kalau kene hati, boleh terguris hati bhaii.

Kak Ti jaga pintu.
The time when we were climbing up the mountain, there was like
a light blizzard kind of, am used to it since 
am living on top of a mountain, haha.
Setakat blizzard -10, memang mainan.
Kat bandar snow cantik. kat uni aku snow tampor boleh
disfigure senget muka. 

Up there, as a student, we opted for something 
that worth our money, cheapskate. 
Hahahaha! What to expect maaaa.

We saw people riding snowmobile, then am just
okay Kak Ti, snowmobile we off to!
It was a great and freezing memory
riding snowmobile in blizzard, because I was
wearing 2 layers only, jumper inside and
jacket. Jacket tu lebih seswai dipakai awal musim
sejuk sebenor. Haha. 

Not much pictures because first, iPhone is a loser
when it comes to cold place, 40 juta kali mati,
Kak Ti's phone battery pun liplap2.
Gambar pun yang ado je la. *rolling eyes*

nak senyum pun ketat hoi, sejuk. Senyum pun fake.

Puas riding dalam snow, menggagai cari hot drinks.
Like always since both of us are coffee addicts,
we opted for hot coffee to defrost ourselves.
Main sampai berhingus, aku dan main
main sungguh sungguh.
Dah kopi, nak main sledge pulak!
Hah jom, main sampai lebam.

Inuit balik tangan kosong.
Since it was a budget trip, we decided to go back
home before dark kind of but we didnt. Haha.
We went to this I dont know what mall for our
dinner and we opted for Popeye's. :)

Alright, that's all I guess, till then.

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  1. penuhla elbum gambar cik pua...