Friday, July 14, 2017


Salam, geez, I lost my passion in writing again. Last entry
was like, erm, January perhaps. Has been agesssssss, haha, like
seriously ages ago. When T-Rex and friends were
still roaming around behind my house, okay am lying.

Those who knows me well, am addicted to sunrise, sunset
and moon so bad. To me these three elements
are the most important in terms
of enjoying stunning sceneries from
flatland to the beach and mountain ranges etc.
Gleaming sunrise floating on the sea, as far your eyes
could reach. With my eyes without glasses,
dont mention.
Sun gives colour to every single thing isnt it?
I cant really explain what I see with
limited eyesight of mine, haha, but I hope
you people have the idea about the nonsense
am talking about.

I have hundreds actually, I could sit for hours
witnessing sunrise, sunset and full moon
dancing between the clouds on the night sky.
Trust me, beautiful. Too beautiful to express,
but I dont really have much moon pictures since
I dont have a good camera to capture how majestic full moon is.

I think am a werewolf, but naked one. Haha. The first thing
am looking for when am walking outside at night
is Mr Moon, not Ban Ki Moon. Sape die? Die bukan
uppa K-Pop okay.

Am very lucky because here am staying on top of
a mountain and my room is on the top
floor, I have the best view ever, sometimes I do feel
like am living as a vigilante because things down there
seems like under my supervision.

Alright then, that's all for today, haha. Maybe next time,
till then. Bubye!

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