Saturday, January 7, 2017


Salam, just came back from outside, it was showering
outside and the wind was, gracious! Thank God am
heavy, haha. Since last night the wind was so strong, 
you could hear it wailing outside,
couldnt sleep whole night. Knowing me, I have
trouble with thunder and wind, seems like these
two elements haunting my sleep. Haha, tengok
horror movies dalam gelap takpe, sakai betul.
So, when I was walking with jolly outside, in the cold,
reminds me of my trip to Baltic countries last winter.

Yes, after a year, but haha, I just got the pictures from kak
Fiz last year, :p. Last 2 weeks to be precised.
The reason why we went there was because once
we heard Ika was going to do her Erasmus in
Vilmius, kak Fiz and I just huh, jom melawat! 
(let's pay her a visit)

I know it was crazy since knowing the temperature there
was like between -21 to -16, but still! Gotta go tho! 
New experience kind of, haha,
So, the plan was Lithunia-Latvia-Estonia-Finland.
We cancelled the Finland one, we went back to
Lithuania  and spent another 4 days there before flew 
back to Turkey,

It was crazy because I just came back from UK that time,
back to Kocaeli, unpack, pack again, rushed to
Istanbul and fly to Lithuania. Haha. 

Started with Vilnius, met Ika there, and her
sweet friends too! Haha! Super nice people
seriously! Brought ayam masak merah for her,
thanks kak Fiz for that, I brought instant 
rice from UK and other food. 

We went to Trakai Castle, a castle in the middle of 
a lake, when we went there the lake was solid frozen.
It was awesome, people were playing ice hockey,
ice skating, sledge and even fishing there.

Unfortunately, this post just for Lithuania only
because I couldnt find pictures from
Riga and Tallinn. Haha.

Till then people! Ciao!

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