Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MASUKIYE (11/11/2015)

Salam people, sorry for the late post for this one, ho2!
I was so lazy transfer pictures from phone
to my laptop, the laziness was something, overpower
meself. Haha. Abartma Safura! Heh heh heh heh.
Well, happy December, the last month of
the year, we are meeting January soon,

Well, last birthday, 3 weeks ago, I went to
this special place with special friends. Went there
with Maryam and Safa, the place was awesome
seriously, what makes it better was the season,
autumn, am totally captivated by the 
place, view and etc. 

The place just around 30 minutes from 
Izmit/Kocaeli, plus minus.
Sebenarnye tempat tu situated kat kaki
gunung tempat orang main ski semua, so
memang cantik lah. Hew2!

The real intention was to play the zipline, but
unfortunately it was closed that day, 
balik kelip2 mata je lah, sedih jugek.
But the view did its wonder
on me.

Here are the pictures:

Indah sungguh pemandangan daun2 bersepah macam tu,
ni kalau kat Malaysia nyamuk beranak pinak dah. Haha.
Food specialty kat sini ialah trout, it was very nice,
I liked it much. Hew3! Food isnt? Worth going.
Okay, till then!