Monday, November 23, 2015


Salam people, it's officially winter here but wait
until December, you will know what winter is especially
up here in Umuttepe. Haha. 
Umuttepe maksud Gunung Harapan, baguslah sebab
atas gunung Umut ni ada hospital & university. Haha.
Tapi winter nanti memang akan jadi 
Umutsuztepe, 'suz' tu maksudnye takde.
'Umutsuztepe' bermaksud Gunung Takde Harapan. Haha.
Keras kejung la ko atas ni, especially during blizzards.

Well, for the last few days, I watched a video on Facebook and 
am totally loved it, its 
27 Things You Need to Do Before You Settle Down.
When am watching it, I feel like,
woah! I did most of it. Haha. So I determined
to change the title, 
27 Things Safura Need to Do Before She Turns 27.
Haha! Since I just turned 26 two weeks ago,
so I decided to finish this list 
before 11 November 2016. Hahaha.
Well, this is for fun only,  I have
my other goals.

So let us see what the list is:

1. Travel with my bffs 
( Done with Tioman & Perak )

2. Learn to cook
( I can cook but not as good as mama, wayyyyyyy to go mehh :D)

3. Be financially independent
( Sometimes rembat jugak, haha, jobless kan )

4. Face one of your biggest fears
( Done with bungee )

5. Live alone
( No money to do so )

6. Accomplish a goal
( Done with Degree, now working on my MD )

7. Find your drink of choice
( Known by heart, coffee )

8. Make the first move
( No intentions to settle down yet, for today, haha )

9. Challenge yourself
( Done, I challenged myself alot )

10. Take a road trip
( Thinking bout doing it here )

11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself
( My specialty )

12. Live somewhere else
( I am now, away from parents )

13. Learn to drive manual
( I trust myself with manual more than auto cars )

14. Find a new show and watch it all in one weekend
( Yayyy! )

15. Get fit
( Used to be fit but I think I need to get started again )

16. Build something your hands
( I love carpentry thou, gotta try it soon )

17. Stay up until sunrise
( It's beautiful )

18. See your favourite artist live
( Twice )

19. Make a list of books to read
( Yep yep yep )

20. Learn to fight
( Smirk, haha, try me )

21. Volunteer
( My passion since forever )

22. Try a new hobby
( Never thought that knitting would be this fun )

23. Apply for your dream job
( Doing my MD for my dream job, soon insyaAllah )

24. Keep a journal
( Since my first year of degree )

25. Have a long conversation with a stranger
( Done with it, it was fun )

26. Do something crazy and spontaneous
( Ask me friends, hew3 )

27. Get to know yourself
( I am but still )

Well, it seems like I did almost everything,
few things left. I hope I could make it
before the time. Koh3!
But! But! But! Just do things that you really want
to do, dont limit your life to few, you can do
thousand things from today! Just believe in
yourself, ;), well of course with
your parents consents. Hew3!
Adios! Ciao!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Salam, hello people, now it's already mid
semester already, God, am freaked out already thinking
will I ever be able to finish my thesis on time,
time is running out, the clock is ticking.
Well, being me, freaking out brings me nowhere, life
goes on with doing things that I love, haha.

Actually, this post is for my friends back home,
since last summer 2 of my bestfriends got married,
alhamdulillah. So, am very grateful
being able to attend their weddings, because
wedding is the place where you can meet other
friends, catching things up
 and have the little reunion. Haha. Then you
realized your friends started to bring an extra or more
'handbags' if you know what I mean. Haha.
Their babies and kids are our mascots now.

So, for My's wedding, I bought purple
shawls for us to attend her wedding, alhamdulillah
the nikah everything went smooth, I witnessed
both of my bff's nikah, and am freaked out! Haha.
Those commitments everything, I feel like,
booyahhh! Safura, you better not commit into
it yet. Keh3! Well, bakalim! :3
Especially when they're reading the nikah's
khutbah and start mentioning
about the couples the greatest like Muhammad SAW with Khadijah,
Yusuf AS & Zulaikha, Musa AS & Safura,
 the responsibilities after that,
the commitments etc.
Nope, nope, nope, nope. Haha. Sorry
parents, more years to go with me. ;)
Hah, ko nampak, dalam khutbah nikah
pon ada nama aku, lagi lah aku takut.

For Ida's wedding, I agreed to be one of the
bridesmaids, something that I regretted till now. Haha.
I thought it was going to be a normal baju kurung,
but demmit, it was a dress, too fancy for me.
I have no power against Ida, Jannah, Izat & K.N.
Haha, aku rasa macam nak nanges masa nak pegi kenduri
Ida pagi tu, I feel like jumping off the cliff,
I looked like an ogre in a portobello
mushroom dress. Seriously. Grr! Haha. But
for the sake of my girls, fine and nevermind.

So here are the pictures.

Thanks to Ida, Mai, Jannah, K.N & Izat,
we worked together as a group. :D
Since forever. Haha. Our friendships is more
than 10 years already. With My, K.N and
Jannah is already 18 years, since we were 8.
Godddddd, lamanya! Hew3!
With Ida & Izat, since we were 14, so
12 years already. May Allah bless this
friendships forever, amin.

Am glad that I managed to go back home
last summer break for the weddings, besides
my cousin's wedding and other friends.
2015 totally a year where
most of my acquaintances changing phase,
glad for that. I still have few other
invitations for this year but am really sorry not being
able to attend meself there due to the distance,
am glad am invited.

Okay than, gotta go now,
love, hugs and kisses
from Kocaeli, Turkey.