Monday, September 21, 2015


Salam, sorry for the late post, it was a hectic week last week. Seriously,
am quiet worn out actually. Once I arrived from my islands hopping,
my fam and I went to Bangi to sent my uncle & auntie
away for hajj and came back to Rompin late Friday
evening. On the next day, my cousin got married, congratulations
Iffah & spouse, Razi. Lepas tu, pungpang2 itu ini 
begitu begini, sekarang aku dah tonggang langgang 
nak packing barang nak balik the other side of the world (sangatt)
sebab raya kat Bangi pastu terus kene buang kat KLIA
hari Senin depan. Selasa lecturer panggil mengadap.
Hocaaaaa, ozur dilerim, cok yorgunum yaa. Okay,
stop mumbling dear Safura Kamil, after my previous entry 3 months
ago, this is the latest not so latest but late entry one. -_- 
Maaflah, tak istiqomah nak menulis.

 Well finally I managed to join a trip to 3 famous small islands in Mersing, thank God it's just 30 minutes drive from me place, Rompin. I was happened to being asked by
 a cousin of my mine, Fikah to join a trip to those islands under a friend
of hers. So why not since am leaving end of this month, with the prospect of
me not coming back for any celebrations next year not until I finished with my thesis.
 Demmit! Well, got to swallow it. 

Yes, the group consisted 23-24 people, no worries all grownups, haha. No juveniles allowed. We were heading to the first island which is Pulau Harimau or Tiger Island around plus minus 9 a.m if am not mistaken. The journey went smooth, I was so excited seeing the island from afar yet not expecting what are waiting for me there. Excited ngoiiii! Kaki dah la kaki second hand, tak pegi2 kedai hardware tukar kaki baru. Haha. Aku dan cramp kaki mmg adik beradik. We hiked up towards the top, it took me like forever, I had to stop twice weh, kaki cramped. Thanks to Jaja l, she helped with my legs not knowing that she is a physiotherapist. Haha! Thank God for sending her from heaven straight to me in the middle of an isolated and deserted island. Syukurr! Once am on top of the hill, the view was breathtaking. Seriously the view took my breath away, i mean it is because penat oi! Tak cukup c jantung aku pump darah n peparu sedut oksigen. Nak kata tak biasa sebab high altitude kat Turki aku duduk on top of mountain. Well, we took pictures, berkenal-kenalan, fefeeling amik gambar ala2 Titanic but Jack-less. Worth hiking up as a sum up. 

Well, why the island called as Pulau Harimau? Maybe from the top it looked like
a sleeping tiger, safe and sound perhaps. But it does look like once you
sit and stare at it a bit. I have poor imagination, so let it be, am telling
you what I heard from my peers during the visit. The view was stunning, but unfortunately,
Malaysia was struck by severe haze, it's kind of hard even to
see neighbouring islands. Shoot....

And yes, a lesson to learn from these people, diorang yang tolong
kutipkan sampah sarap yang orang sebelum2 ni datang & tinggalkan. 
Clapssssssssssssss! That's the thing, nowadays too many shitheads
wanted to explore the world but left unnecessary stuffs around. 4
guni tak cukup weh nak kutip sampah. 

gorgeous isnt? pretty.
where the journey to the heaven begins
from the top! ade claustrophobia? pandang atas je tapi ko akan tertonggeng sebab
berbatu sangat kat atas ni.

rahmatilah mereka2 yang gigih2 ni. haha

tangan tak steady, so sompeng sket gambor masa amik pano. 

from the top of the Pulau Harimau

belakang Pulau Harimau, ada gua. I mean cave, not gua which is me. :)
Later, habis berfoya-foya kat Pulau Harimau, off we went to
Pulau Mensirip, for lunch and snorkeling. Very small and secluded island
compared to Pulau Harimau. Clear water, lots of rocks underwater, which means
you might say hello to nemo and friends. Tranquila!

It was nice you know eating together from the same plate with friends where
you can talk about almost everything. Am going to miss
this for God's sake. :D

nakhoda boat  lupa bawak pinggan, layankan nasik atas dulang (tutup tapewer) 

ignore the backdrop. haha. ramai datang tinggal sampah, sampah masyarakat betul.

nampak kecik je pinggan tu

muka Ben tak tahann. Haha
Once we finished with eating and snorkeling, we rushed towards
Pulau Gual but unfortunately, the weather turned bad, heavy clouds and yes,
it was raining once we hopped onto the boats. The journey from Mensirip
to Gual was quiet bumpy, very bumpy actually, thank God I have
a pair of prominent shock absorber. Haha. Yes, since I gained weight
for the last 3 months. We spent what, less than 30 minutes there due to
the bad weather, and yes, I was quiet worried though looking at
the weather. Dark, windy, rainy etc. Seems like the island cursed
by a hideous witch for accepting too many visitors. Haha.
Okay, Safura, abartma ya! Lutfen!
 Here are some pictures from Pulau Gual.

Oh lupe, masa kat Pulau Gual ada drama tragedi 16 September.
Haha. One of the group members lost his GoPro. GoPro okay, kalau aku
dah GoDie dah kehilangan mende alah tu, mahai! Buleh buat mahar kawen. Haha.
So we went back to Pulau Mensirip dalam keadaan ombak bergolak,
hujan lebat dan macam2. Dalam hati memang
segala surah & doa aku baca, tengah laut oi. Haha. Kalau stranded mau jadi
cerita Robinson Crusoe. The boys helped him out and alhamdulilah, Afiq
managed to find his GoPro. Yes! Go Go Power Rangers!

Dari Pulau Gual, we're heading back to inland since its getting dark, windier and
scary, to me lah. Haha. Once again, the trip was bumpy.
Masa nak masuk kuala sungai, air terlajak surut plak, sekerat siku je mungkin,
pastu brother bot boleh plak cakap oh sungai ni ada buaya,
haha. Afferin sana ya abi! Since the low tide was very low,
memang susah la nak masuk, siap undur bot bagai. End up
the guys pushed the boats. Tak sampai beberapa minit
diorang naik balik bot, brother bot tu cakap hah! nampak tak buaya tu??
Semua tengok, dalam hati aku pehal, baru je bebudak ni naik boleh
pulak buaya kewak dekat bot. Haha! Kalau desperate aku rela berlari
naik ke darat.

manggagai cari toilet nak salin baju. haha. wandering around, soaking wet and cold.
As a conclusion, it was an awesome trip with peers, get to know people
who are totally strangers to you a minute before we meet, the views were
incredibly breathtaking (sometimes I do have the feeling like oh Allah,
dont take the only sight that I have left so I can witness
your greatness), haha, drama sangat but I know you get what I mean isnt? :)

Okay till then, insyaAllah, kawan2 ke pulau, kalau ada rezeki
kita jumpa lagi, tak kat Malaysia, mungkin the other side of the world or
continent or wherever Allah bagi kesempatan. Amin! Doakan
thesis ambe dehhhh, ketar pale ni. Salam!
Hugs and kisses, bless and bliss. 

So I present you a song, one of my favs when I was a