Thursday, June 25, 2015


Salam people, I think its not too late to wish all of you
Ramadan Mubarak. :) By the way, am home now, back
in Rompin for few months insyaAllah. I arrived around a week 
ago, am very happy. Well, seeing the faces isnt? Family and friends. 
Cats as well. Haha, I met new additions to my family, few cats.
More trouble in the house I suppose.

Well, my flight home was perfect, alhamdulillah.
It was smooth thou, just those normal turbulence. Like always, 
I spent my long hours in flight with sleeping, haha, since
I hate watching in-flight movies. I feel dizzy everytime am
doing it, am only up when they serve food and when I need

My flight from Istanbul to Doha, I seated next to a Turkish
couple, they are around in their 60s. They are very nice thou,
I became their translator since they cants speak English
whenever they need to speak to the air hostess. 
They are travelling to Australia, so they are flying 
more hours than me, may Allah bless the journey.
We parted at Doha and the wife gave me 2 apples
and 2 plums. I ate the plums. My flight from Doha
to Malaysia was smooth too, managed to 
sleep on the whole two seats. Haha. Happy! 

Nothing much to say, wish me all the best! :)

Salam Ramadhan.