Saturday, January 17, 2015


Salam people, happy Saturday, it's shining up bright today, less
snow patches left on the ground. :) Am happy because am finished
with exams, yesterday was the last one, I got my bank card that I lost
on the first day of the blizzard, my mother's operation
went good, winter break is here, am totally
grateful, thousands alhamdulillah for these events.
My head cant work properly thinking that my mother
was about to  undergo an operation but she managed,
she said I am fine, but me here, I am worried.
Eventually, she admitted to hospital on Wednesday and
the operation took place yesterday morning,
Malaysia time.
Thanks to my aunt for taking care of her, since my papa
neither my brothers can stay with her in 
the women's ward. I wish am there, taking care of her
needs, but yeah, am here. Only daughter and away, huh!
So my aunt sent me a picture of my mother after the operation
with papa on her side and I can see his worriedness... 
Maybe the same look when my mother gave birth to 
four of us perhaps. :) Thanks parents. <3

The day am leaving for Turkey last summer.

Well, yesterday was my last paper, it was Turkey-Greece Relations 
and Problems with Cyprus. Two days ago I just 
realized, why did I bother to take that paper?
Haha, it reminds me of those papers that I took
when I was doing my undergrad, regarding those laws
and disputes between states in South East Asia to Central Asia.
But alhamdulillah, am managed. Now few homework
left, due this Wednesday. Let's see! Cant wait
to submit it all and take out my Red Book. Wee!

Friday, January 9, 2015


Salam it's freaking cold here. -2 but feels like -12 thou. God! Seriously
going outside heading to the canteen is a daily struggle for
the last few days. The thickness of the snow totally out of 
my expectation, nor my experience. This is the first experience of
mine with extreme coldness. Well, am enjoying it since am 
a person who loves snow isnt? Watching it falling down is something,
its great!

But yeah, walking outside in the subfreezing blistering
temperatures have already left my friends and I
struggling to cope with the coldness, so at the same
am thinking what about those people who are living
in the street, in the refugee camps with least then
proper heating and food. Allah... am very lucky
alhamdulillah seriously. May Allah help them, save them
from the savaging winter. Amin..

So here are some pictures that I took around my university.

So for now that's all since I dont go out
like all the time. Haha, am enjoying it through my dear window. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Last summer, yes, last summer was one of the best summer 
I've ever had. It was the best 60 days of my life, in
Malaysia, especially when you managed to meet your friends
after 2 years, last time we spent together as 4 of us
few days after we finished our final exam
before we graduated. Missed them like what!
:) So, eventually, since it had been awhile we spent 
time together, and besides they told me that want to see
me when am coming back to Malaysia for summer break,
I popped out with the idea of having a vacation 
together, as 4 of us. Just us! And they said yeah, 
I was happy like umph!! hahaha. 

So we decided to spend out time
together in Tioman Island, an island near to my hometown,
2 hours by ferry. It was worthwhile waiting, the trip. In the first day,
we spent our day in the other side of the island, called Juara. It was heaven,
the chalet was awesome, the best thing was less people there. You have to
commute by 4x4 because you have to cross over hills, practically 
you can only reach the place by going trough hills. 

By 8.00 pm, the place like totally dead, no night life. Haha.
So on the next day we went for snorkeling, it was awesome.
After awhile, I just realized how much I missed
the saltiness of the water. I love sea!!! I can spend
hours in the water, seriously. Besides, it has been awhile
since am swimming in the open sea. For the first
session, we went 3 kilometres to the sea where a small
rocky island situated, the water like crystal clear, you can see
all kind of sea life in there. I went crazyyyyy. We went to few places
and all the places were awesome. I just can believe how beautiful
they are. 

At the marine park, we can feed fishes with bread crumbs 
everything. And yeah, there I had to deal with Ejah. Haha.
Because she was so scared to go into the water without
the floater, and at the same time she was wearing 
safety jacket. Haha. I had to persuade her about
20 minutes before she started to get into the water and
clinging to the metal rail. She wanted to go to Wani, so I had to
hold her hands into the water and swim to Wani. It was fun looking
at her, she was so cute. ahahah! 

After 4 hours in the water, we think we had enough. So we moved
from the previous chalet to the other one called Salang, there 
it was very crowded with tourists and local people. Its 
like a total attractions to tourists because there local
provided diving courses from PADI.

Later in the evening, again, we went for a swim, but this
time just in the shore. It was relaxing, soothing. We enjoyed
the view like we are not going back to mainland anymore. 

Well, since the aim was catching things up with
each other, it was fun. Stories we missed from each other,
old jokes etc. Ah, wonder time it was. :)

We spent 3 days 2 nights there, worth it, the budget  was
around RM350. ;) You dont have to be rich to
travel isnt? ahaha. Since its snowing hard outside,
memories during summer warms my heart and
muscles. Till then.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Salam people, it's been awhile isnt? Well, now are at the end of 2014,
next few days we are going to say hello to 2015, how time flies
seriously. For heaven's sake, I felt like I did nothing
for 2014, I mean like I didnt even live it to the 
fullest like I did in previous years. Maybe I did but I just
didnt realize it perhaps. 2014 swift like a flash, pofff!
Now you see, now you dont. Besides, another year
means I should getting wiser in life isnt?

How can I conclude my 2014?
I think it was great, too great, even sometimes I lost a
quiet numbers of memories about 2014, yeah, short temporal memory
lost per say. Typical Safura Kamil. Well, in here,
up in Umuttepe, we are leaving 2014 with lots of snow,
actually it's too thick until the all classes had been cancelled,
cars cant climb up here because of the blizzards. It has been
2 days since its snowing. :) Yesterday we managed
to make our own snowman, it was freaking cold, we spent like 4
hours outside, and the temperature was -1. Yay!

Well, am going to list down best things of 2014 of mine:

1. Done with my Turkish Language Course
2. Enroll myself as a graduate students with awesome
classmates and lecturers, they are very understanding
3. Met Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti in person
4. Went back to Malaysia for summer break and spent time
with my bffs from primary, high school and university
5. Managed to build a snowman with my precious friends

There are others but like usual, my memory isnt good
as others, that's why am better in remembering a person by
his/her perfume rather than his/her face. Haha.
Short temporal memory lost.
Now my goal for 2015 is do all the best for my
masters and try to graduate in 2016, after that I will
think about life. :)

But despite of those good and great things, let us have our
silence moment towards the latest plane crash involved Air Asia
carrier,en route to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia. No survivor.
The third plane incident for us Malaysians, besides the missing
MH370 and merciless blown up in the air MH17. May Allah
bless the soul.. Amin.. At the same time, Malaysians are facing the
biggest and worst flood in years. His trial for us perhaps.
InsyaAllah, 2015 will be better than 2014, amin.

Happy birthday to my brothers too, 1/1 and 11/1. :)
32 and 30. Tua dah abang-abang aku neh rupanya, aku je muda
lagi. Haha. Sayang uols.