Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Salam, happy Tuesday people! No classes today! Haha, even yesterday. My class cancelled
yesterday, end up watching the Simpsons. Well, ignore more entry post, it's annoying, 
I know. Well, last week it was awesome, I spent my time with my baby 
cousins. They are the littlest ones in my family, despite
they are growing up too fast. Haha. I wish I can keep them in mini size
so they always can fit on my lap. :D

Well, when the lessons starting, am thinking more about my family
a lot. Am missing the faces. Seriously! Especially my parents.
May Allah bless them forever and ever. Amin.

So last week, I went to UK for Hari Raya Haji. Hew3! I think the whole journey
was a bad omen. Haha. Everything went smooth from Istanbul to Amsterdam. But 
my flight from Amsterdam was cancelled due to heavy fogs. In fact, all flights
to UK been cancelled that morning. So I had to line up in such an endless line
just to re-book my ticket to UK. After 3 hours of waiting and standing, I managed to
re-booked  my ticket to Newcastle via Birmingham. Arrived in Birmingham
around 2 pm UK time, and my next flight to Newcastle was around 5 pm. Since 
my aunt was about to go to London later that evening, we decided to meet in
London then. So I cancelled my flight to Newcastle and asking for my
luggage. Unfortunately! My luggage still in Amsterdam!!! Haha. It's
happened because of the flights chaos. Okay never mind then, I took train
from Birmingham to London, end up my train delayed due to an
accident on the railway. I was....... ya Allah. Hahaha. I end up laughing
like an insane woman. Seriously! Luckily I have my knapsack with me,
at least I got my basic stuffs. But it was worth it. Things
happened for a reason isnt? :D

On Sunday we went to the Karnival Merdeka Raya, where Malaysians
gathered. The venue was in Tunku Abdul Razak Research Centre. It was a
heaven filled with Malaysia foods. Haha! I was about to eat everything.
Char kuey teow, roti canai, mamee monster, kuih 
traditional etc. Haha! Eat Safura! Eat! Oh, am burst into tears now!
bye bye good food!

So back in Newcastle, am managed to get my luggage back. Haha. Welcome
back darling! Settled!
Am spending my days in Newcastle strolling through my favourite
park, street, etc. I walked to Tyne River just to witness sunset but unfortunately 
it was to cloudy that day. 

Well, that's it, it was a great getaway for a week. Alhamdulillah for it
seriously, now am back in Kocaeli. Looking ahead of my studies everything.
May Allah make these things easier for me, amin. So yesterday I met
a guy from Chad but being living in Malaysia for quiet sometimes  and he 
can speak MALAY like what????? Haha. Am gobsmacked! Haha. My friend from
Indonesia was helping him with accommodations everything. Haha, 
seriously he left me and Maryam speechless, out of words. I was to about
jump out of the hills. Haha. He speaks Malay better than me! 
Aku terkesima woi! :D

It was the best thing ever happened to me yesterday besides 
having my class cancelled. Haha. 
Okay then, till then.