Thursday, June 26, 2014


Salam, hoho! Am happy, too happy I guest, am passed my Turkish
Preparation Class after 9 months. Till now I can stop being grateful
to our Creator, Alhamdulillah x100. Syukur sangat. 
Well, my friends in  Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul passed too. 
Thanks to all of our teachers, teaching us of 9 months. What a tiring
time for them and us too. Bless them with happiness, because giving people
knowledge is one of the most noble job ever. 

So, tomorrow is going to by my first graduation day ever, in my 25 years of 
life. Lame, yeah, I know lame, haha. But still, can't wait for
it. Going to miss the people who were surrounded me for
9 months, the faces. :) Wishing all of you all the best whatever 
you are going to do or decide in future, may Allah 
shower all of you with blessings. Amin.. 
And may Allah take care of all of you, here 
and hereafter. 

So am flying home, seeing the faces. Haha! Going to annoy them
like yeah! Beware people, Safura the Terminator Panda is flying
home soon to ruin your life. :3 My flight is on 8th of July, next
2 weeks, am going to stay in Istanbul till the day, because I want
to feel the spirit of Ramadhan in Istanbul, as per say it's fun. :)
Later I will continue my Ramadhan in Malaysia with my
family. But, my transit in Doha is 9 hours, so let's what to do then, might end 
up lying around like a squid do no things at all, or maybe
going out of the airport and do some 
sightseeing in the city. Depends on my energy. 

Okay, till then, congratulations again to me friends. :D

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Salam people! Happy Saturday morning, it's been awhile I keep thinking
about having my own getaway, recently I feel tired for nothing I guess...
In my haywire brain now, all I can see a tent,  a campfire place,
just me myself and I, oh, my coffee cup and a book, surrounded
by hills, a crystal clear stream  or river, sea even better or something or
anything that related to nature. It's a blesssssss.....
No man made noises at all. Woah....
Wake up with the noise of flowing stream, enjoy dramatic sunset
and the smells of the fresh grass and tree barks. Oh, love it!

These pictures are perfect for me. Seriously, just like my imagination. Haha!
Hello Safura, wake your brain and eyes up, exam is awaiting. 
Tabii! Reminds me of my uncle's place, his house is in between
a wide river and a sea. That is a totaly beauty to me, a place where I used to
jump straight from the man made jetty into the endless depth of river,
diving in, swimming under his boats form an end to the other end, 
kayaking againts the rush to the other side of the river, try to dive into
the river in order to know the depth but failed. Haha. Till now. 
InsyaAllah, when am going back home, it's going to be the best season
for swimming etc since the water is going to be very green due to
high tide of the sea during the hot and dry season in Malaysia.

*can't stop dancing

Well, it's going to happen soon enough, insyaAllah. Oh by the way, these
pictures are from the place where I used to hang out
with cousins when am home. :)
South China Sea view of mine. Hohoho.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Salam, happy SunIsDay people. It seems like it's going to rain up here
in Umuttepe, grey clouds spreading above us, quiet windy.
Well, it's almost 9 months I've been here, I dont even feel it actually, 
only for the first two months. Now for the next few weeks, am going to finish 
Turkish preparation course, insyaAllah, please do pray for my friends 
and I that we are going to finish this with flying colours. Amin..
We need time off with family. :)

Well, after awhile, let me introduce my classmates. Sebenarnye, 
aku perempuan paling tua dalam kelas. Haha! 
My big O family consists 2 teachers and 11 students, 
each from different countries. So, it's very universal 
in fact. Haha! But at least I have a baby brother from
Indonesia whom I can speak Malay with when am bored to 
death. ;p
The teachers are Miss Tugba and Miss Tugce. :)

L-R: Jim the Guy, Nassim the Brother, Haris the baby Brother, Suheyl the President, Neri the Partner in Crime,
Tugba Hoca the Boss, Fadhel the Cool, Karim the Calm Guy, Nina the Rockstar, Me the Unidentified, Arlind the
Monopod Guy. Haha! One person was Missing in Action, Kinena my Enemy. :3
Few weeks left before the Great Depression period, haha! Please do pray
for us, we need your prayers. Thanks in advance. :D