Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Salam, today MonIsDay. Well, there is a song that am so into it,
because the song defining one of the most used Islamic name
in the world, Aisya, or Aicha, or Aishah etc. The spelling is depends
on where are you came from. Usually in Malaysia, commonly
used are Aisya and Aishah. What a beautiful name, as Khadijah,
Humaira' etc. Islamic names are beautiful. :) My aunt is Aisha, 
my babiest cousin is Aisha Sofea, my ex-roommate is A'aisyah.
They are beautiful in my eyes.
So, there are few version of Aishah song, even in my language,
the original one sang by Algerian singer, Cheb Khaled, the combinations
between Arabic and French language. I was growing with that song. 
Even I don't understand a single word of it. Haha!
So, here are some versions of Aicha that I loved most.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Salam, alhamdulillah, am done with the third level of Turkish language.
InsyaAllah, we'll see how's it going then, waiting for the result eh.
Well, yeah, this entry is about pictures that I took around 
Kocaeli mostly. This place is totally a sanction of heaven, surrounded by
hills, with a glimpse of Marmara Sea from away. I can see it
shining from afar, when the sun pour it's golden happiness onto it.
Yes, I gotta say, this place, am in love with it. Am lucky
to be here, because, I don't fit into bustling city 
kind of life. Well, rather than mumbling like a 76 year old
grumpy women, here are the pictures.

That's all that I can find, maybe some of it just lost it or accidentally delete it
while I was sleep walking. Happy weekend people.
Bless you all. :D

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Salam, happy Sunday everybody. I know in Malaysia now is around 
4 in the evening. Haha! Thinking that my father is nursing his flowers and
my mother accompanying him. Besides 
playing with our fluffy, super lazy and annoying cats!Off! He just can't do anything
without her, what a beautiful parents. Love 'em all! :D

Yes! Am quiet happy despite of having a mild colds. After 5 months
been here, this is my first cold. Losing it eh, ageing. -_-''
Well, am too happy like bursting into the sun (I know it's hot)
since I keep receiving news that my friends are getting married.
Allahim! Time passes by like a melting ice-cream. It was like yesterday
am done with my high-school. All the good time together. Seems
like they are ready to settle down. Alhamdulillah. Especially
when am hearing a best friend of mine, who was been sitting
next to me in the same class for 7 years, is settling down
soon enough. Love her muchos! Oh oh oh! Tak cukup
ingatan nak ingat siapa lagi yang nak berhijrah fasa dan dah berhijrah, sebab

Me? Thinking 5 years ahead alone, am cool, but with
another person, maybe not yet. It gives me a
goosebumps. Am not ready settling down yet, things that I need 
and have to do. But we will see, His plan is way much
better than mine. But! Lists' going down! ;)