Saturday, January 4, 2014


Salam, ne haber? (what's up?) Haha, yeahm even in Turkish they
have their own version what's up. Just finished my 
A2 level in Turkish language this morning, finger crossed. 

Well, today, I spent quiet sometime watching documentaries,
what amused me is a documentary about CULT. Yup! Our world today
is full with new religions, created by a human being, as same us
and claimed as a prophet, a messiah. 

What is cult? Cult is a religious group or the other organization 
with deviant and novel beliefs and practices. Yes, it's human's creation
only. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, CULT is a small
religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion
and that has beliefs regarded  by many people as extreme
or dangerous.

Today, in America only, there are 5000 cults existed. It's totally
scary, seems like people are losing their true religion.
Since those new religion are created by human itself, who
are truly not perfect, full of imperfections, greed
etc, it became dangerous. Have you ever watch or
read about deadly cults, which are mostly arises in United State of
America. Well, it started when those immigrants from Europe flee to
American land, in order to seek a new chance in life for
example better life, the freedom of practicing their religion
besides creating a new religion that seems to fit their need. Heh!
Astray. Running away from the church.

There are few deadly cults that I read about, which are Heaven's Gate,
People's Temple and Branch Davidians. Well, how do they manage
to gather such number of follower. It was during the time around 1950s where people
are seeking freedom, the booming of American's economy,
the rise of pop-culture and so on. Here is the
link for further reading about People's Temple. This
cult is the most horrific one.

Well, the truth about cult's leaders are, they are
mentally unstable. So, why do people follow them instead?
Words... because of words that they promised to
their followers.

Even we do have those stupidos in Malaysia thou, claiming
that they are messiah, they are a prophet eventhough it is clear in
Quran that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is the last prophet
in human being history. And the funny thing is, those intellectual people
are also easily get fooled by these ''WISE MEN''.

Bak kata mama, orang pandai bersepah, orang berakal kurang.
Okay, till then, have a great weekend. Make
2014 as one of the best year ever, better than before.