Monday, December 1, 2014


Salam people, yeah. Mencuri sedikit masa untuk tulis entry ni
khas untuk dua ketul kawan baik aku. Haha.
I woke up this morning with another wedding invitation from a
friend of mine, 2 weeks ago from another best friend. Am so happy,
even though it's almost impossible for me to attend the weddings.
( Money can talk in this situation ) Haha.
Alahmdulillah, nothing much I can express, am waiting
for the day when all of my bestfriends are going to get married,
but plot twisted, am away. Always away from them. I missed one
of my best friend's wedding last year, because I was in UK.
Quiet sad but nothing can be done, and it's happening again. 
Sorry friends, like usual am going ask my parents on my behalf.

Zura and Yana, may Allah bless your marriages, here 
and hereafter, cherish your married life. I heard it's awesome. 

Semoga majlis korang berjalan dengan lancar, ingatlah daku ketika
korang makan biadap kerana cita-citaku ialah makan
biadap bersamamu. :3 Love both of you forever even though
your statuses are changing. Last summer was the best
since managed to spent times with both of you in different occasions
of course. Love!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Salam, happy Tuesday people! No classes today! Haha, even yesterday. My class cancelled
yesterday, end up watching the Simpsons. Well, ignore more entry post, it's annoying, 
I know. Well, last week it was awesome, I spent my time with my baby 
cousins. They are the littlest ones in my family, despite
they are growing up too fast. Haha. I wish I can keep them in mini size
so they always can fit on my lap. :D

Well, when the lessons starting, am thinking more about my family
a lot. Am missing the faces. Seriously! Especially my parents.
May Allah bless them forever and ever. Amin.

So last week, I went to UK for Hari Raya Haji. Hew3! I think the whole journey
was a bad omen. Haha. Everything went smooth from Istanbul to Amsterdam. But 
my flight from Amsterdam was cancelled due to heavy fogs. In fact, all flights
to UK been cancelled that morning. So I had to line up in such an endless line
just to re-book my ticket to UK. After 3 hours of waiting and standing, I managed to
re-booked  my ticket to Newcastle via Birmingham. Arrived in Birmingham
around 2 pm UK time, and my next flight to Newcastle was around 5 pm. Since 
my aunt was about to go to London later that evening, we decided to meet in
London then. So I cancelled my flight to Newcastle and asking for my
luggage. Unfortunately! My luggage still in Amsterdam!!! Haha. It's
happened because of the flights chaos. Okay never mind then, I took train
from Birmingham to London, end up my train delayed due to an
accident on the railway. I was....... ya Allah. Hahaha. I end up laughing
like an insane woman. Seriously! Luckily I have my knapsack with me,
at least I got my basic stuffs. But it was worth it. Things
happened for a reason isnt? :D

On Sunday we went to the Karnival Merdeka Raya, where Malaysians
gathered. The venue was in Tunku Abdul Razak Research Centre. It was a
heaven filled with Malaysia foods. Haha! I was about to eat everything.
Char kuey teow, roti canai, mamee monster, kuih 
traditional etc. Haha! Eat Safura! Eat! Oh, am burst into tears now!
bye bye good food!

So back in Newcastle, am managed to get my luggage back. Haha. Welcome
back darling! Settled!
Am spending my days in Newcastle strolling through my favourite
park, street, etc. I walked to Tyne River just to witness sunset but unfortunately 
it was to cloudy that day. 

Well, that's it, it was a great getaway for a week. Alhamdulillah for it
seriously, now am back in Kocaeli. Looking ahead of my studies everything.
May Allah make these things easier for me, amin. So yesterday I met
a guy from Chad but being living in Malaysia for quiet sometimes  and he 
can speak MALAY like what????? Haha. Am gobsmacked! Haha. My friend from
Indonesia was helping him with accommodations everything. Haha, 
seriously he left me and Maryam speechless, out of words. I was to about
jump out of the hills. Haha. He speaks Malay better than me! 
Aku terkesima woi! :D

It was the best thing ever happened to me yesterday besides 
having my class cancelled. Haha. 
Okay then, till then.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Officially today which is Monday, 22nd of September, 2014, am starting my first term
as a student in Kocaeli University after 9 months learning Turkish.
Alhamdulillah, am nervous like heaven, no more
butterflies in my stomach but it seems like T-Rex playing ping pong
in my stomach. Oh me God, I need caffeine to sooth my
nervousness. Hia3! My fingers are cold.

It's been 2 weeks am here, precisely, am changed to my new room, alhamdulillah,
no more noise etc. My current roommates are the best. 
Besides, autumn is playing peek a boo with us, one day cloudy, hazy, 
showering rain, breezy and one day hot like summer. So it's coming than.
One of my favourite season minus the drenching rain. :D

Well, I got a class today, wish me luck,
pray that I know what to say to my lecturer. Amin.
-_-'' Bless my friends and I ya Allah.


Love from Kocaeli.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Salam, hoho! Am happy, too happy I guest, am passed my Turkish
Preparation Class after 9 months. Till now I can stop being grateful
to our Creator, Alhamdulillah x100. Syukur sangat. 
Well, my friends in  Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul passed too. 
Thanks to all of our teachers, teaching us of 9 months. What a tiring
time for them and us too. Bless them with happiness, because giving people
knowledge is one of the most noble job ever. 

So, tomorrow is going to by my first graduation day ever, in my 25 years of 
life. Lame, yeah, I know lame, haha. But still, can't wait for
it. Going to miss the people who were surrounded me for
9 months, the faces. :) Wishing all of you all the best whatever 
you are going to do or decide in future, may Allah 
shower all of you with blessings. Amin.. 
And may Allah take care of all of you, here 
and hereafter. 

So am flying home, seeing the faces. Haha! Going to annoy them
like yeah! Beware people, Safura the Terminator Panda is flying
home soon to ruin your life. :3 My flight is on 8th of July, next
2 weeks, am going to stay in Istanbul till the day, because I want
to feel the spirit of Ramadhan in Istanbul, as per say it's fun. :)
Later I will continue my Ramadhan in Malaysia with my
family. But, my transit in Doha is 9 hours, so let's what to do then, might end 
up lying around like a squid do no things at all, or maybe
going out of the airport and do some 
sightseeing in the city. Depends on my energy. 

Okay, till then, congratulations again to me friends. :D

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Salam people! Happy Saturday morning, it's been awhile I keep thinking
about having my own getaway, recently I feel tired for nothing I guess...
In my haywire brain now, all I can see a tent,  a campfire place,
just me myself and I, oh, my coffee cup and a book, surrounded
by hills, a crystal clear stream  or river, sea even better or something or
anything that related to nature. It's a blesssssss.....
No man made noises at all. Woah....
Wake up with the noise of flowing stream, enjoy dramatic sunset
and the smells of the fresh grass and tree barks. Oh, love it!

These pictures are perfect for me. Seriously, just like my imagination. Haha!
Hello Safura, wake your brain and eyes up, exam is awaiting. 
Tabii! Reminds me of my uncle's place, his house is in between
a wide river and a sea. That is a totaly beauty to me, a place where I used to
jump straight from the man made jetty into the endless depth of river,
diving in, swimming under his boats form an end to the other end, 
kayaking againts the rush to the other side of the river, try to dive into
the river in order to know the depth but failed. Haha. Till now. 
InsyaAllah, when am going back home, it's going to be the best season
for swimming etc since the water is going to be very green due to
high tide of the sea during the hot and dry season in Malaysia.

*can't stop dancing

Well, it's going to happen soon enough, insyaAllah. Oh by the way, these
pictures are from the place where I used to hang out
with cousins when am home. :)
South China Sea view of mine. Hohoho.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Salam, happy SunIsDay people. It seems like it's going to rain up here
in Umuttepe, grey clouds spreading above us, quiet windy.
Well, it's almost 9 months I've been here, I dont even feel it actually, 
only for the first two months. Now for the next few weeks, am going to finish 
Turkish preparation course, insyaAllah, please do pray for my friends 
and I that we are going to finish this with flying colours. Amin..
We need time off with family. :)

Well, after awhile, let me introduce my classmates. Sebenarnye, 
aku perempuan paling tua dalam kelas. Haha! 
My big O family consists 2 teachers and 11 students, 
each from different countries. So, it's very universal 
in fact. Haha! But at least I have a baby brother from
Indonesia whom I can speak Malay with when am bored to 
death. ;p
The teachers are Miss Tugba and Miss Tugce. :)

L-R: Jim the Guy, Nassim the Brother, Haris the baby Brother, Suheyl the President, Neri the Partner in Crime,
Tugba Hoca the Boss, Fadhel the Cool, Karim the Calm Guy, Nina the Rockstar, Me the Unidentified, Arlind the
Monopod Guy. Haha! One person was Missing in Action, Kinena my Enemy. :3
Few weeks left before the Great Depression period, haha! Please do pray
for us, we need your prayers. Thanks in advance. :D

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Salam, happy Saturday  morning, eventhough next 15 minutes it's going
to be mid day already, still good morning people! :D
 Haha. Well, almost done
with my weekly laundry,  those still tumbling up side down
in the tumble dryer. 
Today is my missing everybody day. Haha! All the people
that I love crossed my mind since the early morning,
hormones I guest. Well, I wish they live their very best
and may Allah bless them with happiness, especially
family o' mine. Spread the hearts! <3
Well, next week am going to have my exam,
pray for my friends and I, we need your prayers! :D

Love from Kocaeli! <3

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum, happy Monday evening. Hoho! Yep, I managed to get through my
Monday Blues with flying colours. Yeah! Well, I have it since I was in
my mom's comfy womb, no surprise. 

Last week, managed to go to Ankara for the second time when the first time it was
just my transit before leaving for Konya. It took 4 hour from Kocaeli
to Ankara, when my expectation was 6 hour. Good to know that!
Means that more to come any soon. Well, one thing about Turkey,
wherever you are going somewhere around Turkey, the journey from a
place to another seems like giving you a whole oxygen supply to your
lung. Trust me! The view just breath taking. Am sorry, there are no
pictures of the view when I was in the journey since am so deep into
the view, stunning I should say. Don't blame me. Haha! I love the place
because this land is such a blessed piece of land. 

I went there because Malaysian Prime Minister was going to deliver
a lecture about Globalizing Asia : Malaysia-Turkey Strategic Partnership
Conference. Arrived around 2 pm on Wednesday, and later on
staying at one of my friend's place near to the Gazi Uni. She is in first year
as a medical student in Gazi. What a brain. Haha. Went for
the dinner with Datuk Seri Mustapha Mohamed and he is the Minister
of International Trade and Industry. We Malaysian students had
a chat with him yada yada. Fashion disaster, am wearing
jubah @ abaya with man boots. Haha! 

During the dinner, we met with quiet number of high profile people like parliament
members, businessman and met few beautiful ladies whose being married
to Turkish guy.In Ankara there are only 3 students, me, only one from Kocaeli. Haha!
Since am in the middle, I can be in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa at any time. 
What a life am having eh. 

Next day, am accompanying my friend, Ika for being an interpreter
for our national television station, RTM. Since they cant speak Turkish vice versa,
they need help about it. So we managed to go places free by following media. Rezeki
tergolek oi.. Haha! First destination is Anitkabir, a sanction place for Turkish people.
It's a mausoleum of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. It is a big place, it has
a big square. So over there, Datuk Seri Najib need to place a big flower wreath
thingy in honor of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.

Yep, while waiting the whole congregation to arrive, Ika and I had a
good time sightseeing together. Haha! She is totally an inside crazy funny
kind of creature eventhough she is small in size, she is loud in heart. :D
(Ikam bayar aku untuk compliments ni)
Yes! One more thing, if you need an interpreter while you are in 
Ankara, let me know, Ika can help you with that but things
doesn't come free and cheap. Haha! While Ika and I having
time together and bonding, chewah, Aha and Suhana are
with other media escorting Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor,
our First Lady. Later, we had lunch together with those
businessmen that trying to find business opportunity here in Turkey
besides strengthen the existing business partnership. 
Around 2pm that day, we being dropped off at Kizilay since we cant
go into the Presidential Palace without tags. So off we went. 
Had a treat at Starbucks while waiting for Aah to finish
her class because she rushed to the class after the Business Luncheon.
An epic thing ever, Ika and I had a selfie with hour prime minister even from distance.
She is crazy. Haha!

On the next day, right after Ika finished her class, off we went to Kizilay, looking
for a  new sunglasses since mine smashed under my own chair during the lunch
with Prime Minister. Huh!Got a new but nothing can change my love to the 
old one. When I was crossing main road in Ankara, I feel like crossing
roads in London. Haha! Like a herd of sheep crossing road from two ends. 
Later that evening, my friends and I went to Uncle Adnan and Auntie 
Senem's house, meeting them. They are a friend to my uncle in
England, so since am here, I should go and visit them. MasyaAllah, they are
very nice, super nice indeed. Auntie Senem feed us with good food. Haha!
That's why, I do believe that good people comes with good food. May
Allah bless this family. And the kids, Burcu and Yigit. Nice!!
Well, uncle Adnan can play a tradiotional Turkish instrument, it looks like gambus
in Malaysia. Seriously, the food are awesome. Highlight of the day
were kofte, ispanak borek and the dessert. Offf!! Am coming again!
Ellerine saglik auntie!! :D And thanks uncle for sending us home, right in
front of the door. Whoops! Thanks to Burcu because taking us
to her house. <3

Back: Burcu, Nasihah (Aah), Zulaikha (Ika), Safura (Pura)
Front : Uncle Adnan, Auntie Senem, Yigit
On Saturday, Ika and I went to Ulus, sightseeing
and do a little bit shopping. Haha! We went to Haji Bayram Mosque,
there you can find Roman's ruins. The place is, no words can describe it.
But first, you need to love history, if not, you wont appreciate it. :)
At Haji Bayram Mosque, when I was waiting for Ika while she is 
performing her salah, I do my own sightseeing around the mosque,
admiring the architecture etc. Later, a Turkish man around 40s
greet me and asking me whether am Malaysian or Indonesian.
So I said am Malaysian and than, he started to speak Malay with me saying
''Saya orang Malaysia". Am left with my mouth wide open. Haha!
His name is Dr. Irfan and been living in Malaysia almost 25 years, he did his
PhD in UKM and married to a Malaysian woman. I was so surprised, his
Malay is so fluent, leaving me with embarrassment because I cant speak
his mother tongue as good as he is speaking mine. :) Then, we did some shopping
around Ulus, off to the Ankara Kalesi (left me breathless hiking and climbing
up a fortress with heavy boots)
But worth it, the view is so beautiful. Later, after Ankara Kalesi, we walk
to Hamamonu, a place that is surrounded by white buildings. Stunning!!!

look at them!! so cute!! haha! caught me eyes!

traditional way to make Turkish coffee. :) smells good!
Later that night, 3 of us make Malaysian dishes by ourselves. Especially
Ika and I, haha. Endangered species cooking? Seriously? The 8th wonder of the 
world perhaps. Haha! Ayam masak kurma oi! Sape tahan! Haha.
That day, we called the night off quiet early. Mihihihi! Tired! Very!
Surprisingly! On Sunday morning, Aah made roti jala, Ika made
curry as a gravy and me, making my mom's ultimate teh tarik
buih! Feel like home with the people. Good 5 days of weekend. 
Thanks to the people. Seriously! Loveeee from 
Kocaeli!! :D Thanks to Zulaikha Zubir a.k.a Ika for the tour,
Nasihah Hanim a.k.a Aah for the lodging, Uzer family for the
good food and warm hand, Suhana for the kuih ketayap. Mih3!