Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Salam, today is official, 2 months am being here, but I feel like 
I've been here like forever. Heh! Well, right after me friend, Cqa
text me that we are already being here for 2 months. Haha!
Tesekkuler canim. Well, nothing much happened here,
last 2 weeks I finished my A1 level exam, an passed to the next
level, A2. Now am in A2, quite struggling with the language
thou, maybe I was born not to be a person who
is into the language thingy. I love MANGCINDIANLISH! 
(Malay+Chinese+Indian+English)! (1Malaysia katenye)

Yup, autumn is officially here, it's been raining for 2 days
I guest, enjoying the coldness but not the wetness
because am having trouble to cooperate with one of the best
human innovation, UMBRELLA! I wish I just can put
a plastic bag on my head and walk. Ya, the idea is not making 
your head soaking wet, so you wont get sick. Please do agree. 

The best thing being here is am totally grateful for everything
that I have seen everyday, I mean the nature. Seriously
I will never get tired of it, am sure am going
to miss it when am leaving. Stunning and mesmerizing
views I have been witnessed everyday, MasyaAllah.

Yeah, one more thing, to my UUMers friends,
please dooooo not, please do not jeleskan aku dengan gambor
konvo atau aku balik for good 3 tahun nanti, korang 
tak dapat ape2 cenderamata dari Turki, hanyalah kecennnnderaan. Haha!
Well, am really want to congratulate all my friends
who are going to hold their scroll next week. MasyaAllah, all the
efforts are paid off already. Alhamdulillah, am glad but at the same time,
there is something buried deep in my heart, I can feel something is missing.
Yeah, to hold the scroll and give it to my parents whilst having a
great big blast insane good time with all my monkey friends. Nama
monkeys itu adalah seperti berikut ( Ejah, Mas, Farah ). For Wani
anak Kamal, you are lucky because you graduated earlier than us. Haha!
Lonjong!! I miss ya!

Till then, dont miss me too much Malaysia. 
Yes, I miss my beautiful and wonderful parents, ugly brothers and cousins already. 
Hugs and kisses from Kocaeli, Turkiye.