Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Salam! Hari ni hari cuti! Saye gembira tak terkata! Semalam
pulak half day. Haha! Jadi saya pon berisar-siar
di merkez (city center) lagaknye seperti pandai berbahasa Turki.
Eceh! haha! Well, hari ni cuti Hari Kemerdekaan Turki,
the day when they turned into republic.

Well, am quiet enjoying my evening yesterday with Maryam, strolling
ourselves in the street. We had our good time. Keh3!
We were talking to local people, try to understand
what are they saying. Dan haruslah aku ngan muke konfiden macam
dah dok sini sejak tahun 1989. Okay, tunggang langgang pon
ape pedulik. Haha! Lone ranger je, I like Lone Ranger.

So semalam menyempat la rembat 2 pasang boots fr 100 TL.
Lumayan kottt! Egegege! Pastu melantaks Burger King,
after awhile kan. Ngeh3! Treat ourselves good yesterday.
Sambil cuci mata tengok barang ape yang perlu untuk upcoming
winter ni. Jyeah! Well, tempat yang gua berjalan-jalan semalam
called Fethiye Street reminds me of those days when I was walking
''sightseeing things" at Northumberland Street. Hua3!
Thanks to my roommate, Merve for the instructions! Benim Canim!

Well, to know the local, you have to be among
the local. Well, I choose to shop among the locals. Bhaha! Same concept

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum. This is not going to be a long entry thou since
it's cold outside. haha! Can you relate the weather outside
and my ability in writing an entry when the weather is cold outside.
You should can because.. because if not I will 
pull your nose out! :p

Well, this is my first eid without family around me, but alhamdulillah
I have sisters that can fulfill the feelings of "Hari Raya Cara Malaysia". 
We had our eid down east of Turkey, Konya. What a beautiful
place, I cant describe it with words. MasyaAllah, beautiful place
to visit. The signature things about Konya are Selcuk Uni, Mevlana
Dance, Japon Park. 

Terima kasih kepada host raya kali ini, abla kecik
Farah Afzan yang comel gilos! Haha! Laff
you, hopitaliti tip top of the mountain. :)

Okay, see you again. Salam! :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Done with homework! Alhamdulillah. Seriously, this language is
some kind of a big challenge of the year for me. Haha! Okay,
not going to tell about my TOMER, but the stunning views that
am witnessing everyday. After few days of rainy day last week,
this week seems like promising something positive. InsyaAllah.
Eh,of course something positive, next week is Eid! Haha!
Kurban Eid. Planning to Konya, InsyaAllah.
Okay, I really want to share pictures that I took
in Kocaeli University. Hew3!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Phew! Now I manage to do the entry from my laptop
since i just hate to do any blogging thru phone. Not big enough. Haha!
Size does matter. Alhamdulillah, today is my 9th day in
Turkey. Leaving and saying goodbye to loved ones was hard enough,
tryyyyyyy not to cry. Haha! Managed to not to cry thou. :p Seems like
this year, have been walking thru the international departure gate like 5 times
already. hoh....

Nevermind, but still, I love everybody that being part of my life.
Family especially, friends and others who's being helping me since
the start. May Allah bless you all and shower them with
His love.. Amin... I can feel the love of the
people here since the first step. They try to help
me as much as they can. Love love love! :D

precious parents. :D

Thanks to everyone who had been helping me since the first second
am in Turkey.

Istanbul : YTB officer (eventhou he has a sleepy face [we arrived
at 5 a.m] he tries to assist us as he can, Fatimah my
happy sister and Fetih Abi.

Kocaeli : Nevin abla and all the sisters in the Izmit dorm,
Tugce Saral, Sumeyah and her fiancee, Zekaria.

University : Kak Eno, Sofwan, and all my Indonesian friends
who helped me a lot, my beautiful roomates Insukh & Mereve,

In my TOMER @ turkish language preparation class,
I have a friend, she is helpful and nice. She is helping me
a lot in the class. Thanks Rola! :D