Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ha! Ingat tak iklan Petronas tu? Yang budak laki berdiri depan rumah dia
sambil explain kenapa die suke rumah die?
Sebab RUMAH DIA BEST!!! Ha3! Like MY HOUSE too! 
yes, everybody's house is their favourite place. Sebab tu la orang cakap
RUMAHKU SYURGAKU. Truly true! :D Tak de tempat yang paling dahsyat perasaan
seronok dari rumah sendiri.



1) 5 minutes walk to sekolah rendah & 10 minutes walk
to sekolah menengah

2) 10 minutes walk to town

3) Hospital sebelah rumah

4) 40 langkah ke kedai runcit

5) 5 minutes drive to Pantai Hiburan & cemetery

6) MemBESAR dalam rumah tu! :D

7) sebab ada FAMILY saye! :DDDDD

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Blessed!! That's all I can say. For what? For everything that I had and have today. The
best word to describe? ALHAMDULILLAH. For everything seriously but the most is
being a Muslim. Yup! Jadi umat Nabi Muhammad, sape yang tak bersyukur,
dapat syafaat di dunia dan akhirat. Sometimes there are people who is not grateful being 
Muhammad's people, denying everything all the truth about Islam like sweeping 
cobweb from the door. The apostate. Well, never mind, may Allah bring some
shine to them. Amin..

Well, about Muhammad, he is the greatest mankind alive, with his good deeds, noble,
and all the good words that ever existed in the dictionary. He ruled with no crown and
no throne. Never proclaimed himself as a Divine Person. Well, we must make 
him as the best example, being productive Muslim. 

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


How grateful we can be in our everyday life? We don't know till we see others who
suffers more. Like usual, we ask for raining day when sun shines too bright, and vice versa. Never
satisfied. So, here is the challenge, for me especially, before complaining with what we don't
have, find few things and reasons why we should complaint about it.
Seems like it worked for me, it made me shut up for few minutes before furthering my
complaint. Haha!

Okay, here's the thing, me, as a girl women, sometimes I heard my friends telling that 
"wey!jerawat naik la. huhu.. benci ah macam ni". But what I see is just a tiny acne popped 
out on her skin. Just one, the rest of the skin is smooth... Haha! I replied
"biar le jerawat satu. syukur je, cuba pikir yang kene SLE, kene asid, lagi teruk kan..?"
So, it worked, shut her off, at least with me. :)

And about people, just look at the bright side, look at their kindness and their
positive manner. If not, we keep hating people because of their not so good manners. You
know what I mean. :) It's okay to have ''Okay" relationship with others, don't have to build
a "Good" and "Great" relationship.. I'm not trying to be naive but just to make sure I have
a "In Good Condition Heart" only. Jom usaha jom!

Enjoy the video from my long lost boyfriend. Haha! :D

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sunday morning! Yay! I love Sunday morning but not when the day is too 
cold and windy. Fhew! The obstacles of getting up early just... unimaginable. Haha!
Weyy, sape sanggup tinggalkan selimut dan katil yang selesa bila pagi tu sejuk?? Well,
mase kat UUM I do, sebab suka feelings minum hot coffee & the cold morning. Haha!
Perfect. Well, I was dragged to Pasar Pagi Ahad by my mak, terkebil-kebil jap
gitu. But I love the surroundings, cold, the morning scent and the freshness of
sea breeze. Macam jalan dalam winter market gitu. I love my kampung! :D 
Segar okay! Pastu pagi-pagi orang tak ramai lagi,
jumpe dua tiga orang kawan sekolah, hi hi bye bye, pastu by 9 am dah balik rumah.

Okay, tu je nak ckp. Haha! No pictures sebab tak bawak phone. hehe!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Fooh! It's been ages since I watched more than 3 movies in a day, it's called my 
movie relay day. Haha! Baguss..... Of course, it's raining all day long, actually the raining
was since yesterday, included the full package of cold, harsh and hard wind. Perfect combinations
to make me snuggle under my comfort duvet, with my loyal companion, which is 
TEA from Season. Bah3! Perfect! Splendid! Awesome!

Well, I watched the second movie of Sherlock Holmes, it was great, brightening and 
compelling movie at the same time. Adventurous, and I just love any version of
Sherlock Holmes. He was brilliant! Well, the second movie is called A Game of Shadows. 
In this movie, he showed the evil face Prof. Moriarty, a sleek devil. El Diablo!
Huhu! Dah le huduh, dak je lempang-lempang muke beliau tu. I think he killed Miss Adler,
Holmes's lover. Poor girl. And of course, the charming Dr. Watson, who will never leave
Holmes alone, despite of his wife, Mary's big NO reaction, the hilarious and weird
behavior of Holmes' brother, Mycroft and poor Gladstone, the dog. :D I just love
the actions.. The movie took my breath twice! Twice! Cause Holmes' dead twice.
Once in Berlin, and once in Switzerland, and Watson buy it! Kih3! Well, I'm totally
swept of my feet when Holmes is acting like a drug addict, with his
peculiar eyes and talking. Haih... -_-''

Second is Brave, the cartoon, with Scottish accent. I love the movie, because the 
movie contained the value of mother's love. Princess Merida, was asked by her 
parents, mostly her mother, to follow the traditional custom, to choose one of the best man
between 3 clans to be her husband. She insisted that she has rights to choose her own 
path, her own life, supported by her funny father and naughty triplets brother.
So, all started when she found a witch in the woods, lead by a group of wisps. So, she
asked for the witch to change her mother, something that she will regret after
that. Her mother turned into a black bear and she tries to reverse the 
spell. Should watch movie. :D  

Next Nina Karenina, the actors are Jude Law, Keira Knightley, and  heart throbbing 
Aaron Johnson. I love the movie but I hate the truth outside the movie. Haha! Well, the 
story was about a wife and a mother to a  a aristocrat, well know man, a good husband but
kind of cold, named Karenin. She suddenly fall in love with a handsome bachelor (memang
hot pon) named Vronsky. So, she conceived Vronsky's child, but his husband
willing to let her daughter, Anya stays under Karenin name, for the sake of saving his and
her faces. She ran away with Vronsky, but they can't marry to each other even though 
Anna and Karenin is divorced. Due to respect, Karenin forgave both of them. ( Jude Law
memang baik) He was known as a saint in that movie. Phew.. Eventually, Anna commit suicide 
by jumping onto the railway when she cant bear any sadness of having a good
and handsome women lover with a saint husband. Well, she chose it. Mostly
because she cant bear the feelings of guilty towards her son, Sheroza.

Okay, till then, these are my summary for my happy Saturday. Bye-bye

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Petang tadi, lepak-lepak ngan mama kat luar sambil-sambil cakar daun kering,
mama mengerjakan pokok-pokok beliau, dan koi mengupas kepala kelapa. Maaf. Syok lepak
petang-petang kat luar, very windy and shady. Haih, teringat duduk kat Proton dulu, lepak
petang-petang ngan Mas. Sejuk jiwa tengok pokok-pokok, awan kan. Since
UUM kat lembah, kalau musim berangin tu nikmatnya, kalau musim hujan pon nikmatnya,
sampai patah-patah payung, senget-senget tudung, terbang-terbang kain
la ceritanya. 

Ceritanya, lepak-lepak kat luar tadi, nampak awan yang sangat cantik. Hueh!
Macam froze in amusement le kejap. Tapi pegi mane-mane pon mesti kagum dengan awan,
especially tempat yang lapang macam padang, tepi tasik. Tempat yang lapang
la paling seronok nak tengok awan, kene panah petir pon senang. Wawawa!
The thing is, I will always miss the place because of it's sky. Ade jugak
sebab-sebab lain, tu sebahagian. Kui3! 

Ni la awan-awan indah tu. Just like our childhood drawings. Seketul-seketul

at 6.15 pm

at dusk.
I still remember when I was 12, I read about a tribe at Sahara. Tuareg if I'm not mistaken.
There was a boy about my age that time, for the first time, he went across Sahara dessert with his
father and rest of his tribe, leaving all the women. This tribe living as a nomad tribe, stay at one place
for some times before leaving for another place. Okay, I cant remember the boy's name, but the thing was,
 when he was playing with the sand dunes, he was found lost from his caravan. Yes! a 12
yo boy lost from his caravan and that was his first time went out trading salt with his father.
What to expect when you are travelling through Saharan dessert, you hardly trace people
tracks by looking at the sand dunes kan.. Lain la kalau mountains, it won't move. So, that boy came up
with an idea, he remembered that his father had said before, you love clouds, so pick one cloud
everytime we start our journey. He saw his cloud, and after 6 hours walking,
he found his caravan back. His father was very proud of him. Peh! kalao
 koi pon kembang kempis hidung dapat selamatkan diri dari mati kering kat Sahara. 
Oh tidak. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


FAKALEITI : is a Tongan male who behaves in effeminate ways, in contrast to mainstream
Tongan men, who tend to be very masculine. Ha! Terkejut gak, sebab fakaleiti ni adalah
sebahagian daripada budaya Tonga. Kind of weird innit? sebab kite
selalu tengok lelaki Tonga ni gagah perkasa umpama the Rock dan jugak
Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Sebenarnye, fakaleiti ni terjadi apabila dalam sesebuah keluarga dalam masyarakat
Tonga tak memiliki anak perempuan, jadi mak bapak diorag asuh anak lelaki
diorang jadi perempuan supaya dapat tolong keje rumah. Pelik kan.. Tak jadi
masalah pon kalau asuh diorang jadi anak lelaki yang normal tapi suruh
buat kerja rumah macam biasa. Well that's their custom. Tapi kesian
la diorang sebab kalau tak sebab culture tu, mungkin diorang 
ade better future. 

Macam kelakar plak bayangkan Tongan guys yang katang dan ketak-ketak ayu 
jalan Lenggok ayu. Haih! Tak baik, tapi macam tak boleh blah je khen.. Adeh!
Cubeeee.. bayangkan.... muka dan badan macam The Rock... pakai skirt...
dan t-shirt... menyapu depan rumah... DUH!

So, here is the video about fakaleiti.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Still thinking, Malaysia is one of the well known country that always be there if anything
happens to other foreign country. Kan? Haa... Contohnya katekan negara-negara jiran atau 
third world country dilanda bencana macam banjir besar, gempa bumi, dan macam-macam
jenis bencana alam lagi yang wujud kat dunia ni.

Selalunye, profesion popular unutk bantuan kemanusian ni adalah seperti tuan puan 
doktor & cik misi. Hi3! Tapi kan, sekarang ni Malaysia kan macam banyak
je cikgu cikgi lepasan maktab dan universiti. I have a cousin that waiting
her posting since end of 2011. Scary kan? Setahun kot, dan2 lepas bliau grad,
posting dibekukan. Ape kate!! Ape kate kalau kerajaan Malaysia
buat satu sistem ke, ape2 ke, collaborate dengan Kementerian
Pendidikan negar dunia ketiga @ NGOs yang ada, gajikan cikgu-cikgu muda ni mengajar dekat negara-negara
yang memerlukan pendidikan contohnya third world country. They can help! Positive!
Because they are young, free of commitment and they are starving for experiences.
Kalo buleh, jangan le anto ke medan perang, sian awok2 ni, pegi ngajar
pakai bullet proof punye tudung. Ngee! Nanti balik Malaysia and dapat posting,
boleh blagak ngan anak murid kan. Bhahah! *niat tak elok*

Sebenarnya banyak NGOs yang beri peluang untuk lepasan universiti mengajar
kat negara-negara yang bahasa Inggeris bukan bahasa pengantar. Tapi kebanyakan
untuk ajar bahasa Inggeris dan volunteer kene bayar quite sum of money to do so.
So, lepasan universiti Malaysia.. What to expect? No money meyh! 
Lagi pon, NGOs yang buat program teaching ni majoritinya negara-negara yang 
guna matawang Dollar & Pound Sterling. So, mahal la..
I think gomen should do something about this. An opportunity to our young teachers
and fame for gomen. Hihi! 

Maybe my thinking is too shallow, but correct me if I'm wrong. Please. 
Thanks. :D

Friday, January 11, 2013


Done! Akhirnye siap je sesi lipat melipat duit singgit untuk dijadikan
ala2 kerongsang untuk orang penanggah. Ho3! It's for my cousin's wedding this 
upcoming CNY. A month to go. Well, since I have nothing to do, boleh la I nak melipat-lipat 
niiii. Ha3! Divided into two, RM100 koi lipat, lagi RM100 sepupu koi yang sama warganegara di kala
ini iaitu job seeker  yang lipat. Weeee! Spent my day folding the money, but I cant
spend the money to light my day up. Haha! Kuang ajaq. Saje je..

Usaha ini menajamkan lagi skill origami koi yang memang tak de ni. Dah kerastangan,
mane nak ade kraftangan nye. 

Dan semalam sempat lagi memperkotak-katikkan pak cik koi dengan menjadikan
beliau seorang Sultan. Daripada seorang Tok Pat. Har4!


Maafkan koi, kalau anda perasaan alignment telinga dan pipi Sultan DinDin sedikit teralih.
Ketua doktor plastik surgery demam semalam, so lari la sedikit kan. Ho3! Tapi!!
Tapi pak cik koi ni tetap hidup gembira despite of teralih alignment. Ngeh3!
Baiklah, sampai sini dulu, salam sayang dari anak sedara. Peace!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yay! At last, I have all four of the Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. Cant wait to read the
last book. Ho3! The last book was published last September and arrived in Malaysia's 
bookstore around November. Lambat ek? Kan... Ho3! Tp xpela, biar lambat dari takde
langsung. Tak kaya nak beli overseas punye. :p 

Oh, tak sabar nak bercinta jumpa dengan Prince Dhiren and Kishan. So,
till then. :)

oh, bukan Tiger ni yang I'm talking about. Sorry. :D

yaaa!! Tiger ini, tiger di atas tadi hanyalah iklan.

Well, catch on you later.I need to catch a prince with his blue cobalt eyes. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


Yosh!! Roti canai!! All time and everybody favourite! Ho3! Malaysian style! Eh,
roti canai ni boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai makan kebanggaan kebangsaan lah kan. Sebab semua
orang makan, dari bayi yang baru tumbuh gigi hingga warga emas yang tak bergigi. :)

Well, just made roti canai with my mak. Tukang bakar atas dapur je, tak pandeyyyy nak
tebar ala2 mamak sampai terbang ke langit ke-7. Hua3! Tak seganas tu, kalo mampu memang tak
turun balik la roti tu. Maybe roti tu lepak kat ISS mungkin. Roti canai
ni kalau makan panas-panas heaven la, kalau dah sejuk tak best, rase penyek kepek je.
Macam-macam roti canai ade, sardin ade, tolor ade, pisang ade, milo ade,
eh, macam-macam la. You name it, you get it.

Tapi memandangkan homemade je, roti kosong dan telur je la ade dalam list.
Ho3! Lebih-lebih boleh dapat kaki la. :p

telurrr!! endless protein.

roti tolorr in the making.

minyak lembuu! aroma menusuk kalbu!

roti kosong!

roti telur selamat atas dapur. hoyeahhhhh!!
Malaysian dan roti canai umpama bola dan kaki Beckham, sebegitulah akrabnya. Mana boleh 
Malaysian tak kenak roti canai kan, kalau tak kenal, patut bunag negara la. Haha!
Okies, adios! Let me enjoy the fun food eh! Hugs and kisses!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


We were shocked with the news when an Indian girl was raped by a bunch of drunk men
while walking back home from local theater with her soon to be husband. Make it worst,
she's dead, she lost the battle with the injuries. Her intestine was removed due to the
injury after being jab with a metal bar. Freaky ain't? It is,
to me it gives me such a  goosebumps while thinking that we will never know
what and bad things will happen to us. Bukan stakat seram sejuk, rase macam gajah 
terhempas atas kepala pon ade kalau fikir. Tak selamat kot dunia sekarang ni. People
can drag, kidnap, take you away anytime they want, even though during that time
you are just 2 meters away from your house, school or any places that you think
is safe. Not anymore...

Hari ni bace surat khabar, budak perempuan umur 6 tahun was found dead 500 metres
from her house,
inside a barrel after 5 days been searched. She's just 6! Heartless.. Seriously heartless.
She is just a baby... A beautiful baby girl to her parents and family.. 

All we can do is just take care of ourselves as good as possible, listen to your
parents. Pray that Allah will protect us wherever we are. Amin..

Friday, January 4, 2013


Superheroes! Yesss, I'm crazy about superheroes. Haha! Superheroes? Kalau tak hensem dan
gagah perkasa bukan superhero la kan. I have few superheroes yang menjadi pojaan hati ni ha,
asyik nak tengok je kan. According to WIKIPEDIA, superhero is a type of stock character  possessing
extraordinary or superhuman power. Seems like they have EXTRA abilities compared to us.
Ho3! Well, for ancient superheroes, I like Hercules. Yess, I don't know why, 
always amused by his stories. Haha! Mudah sangat terbawa-bawa kan. He was a
half human and half god, the son of Zeus. Ni Greek myth je.... Jangan pecaye dehh....

The second superhero that I adore much is Wolverine. He is the man made superhero 
yang menjadi pojaan. Haha! Hanya Hugh Jackman saje yang hebat macam jebat 
dalam watar Wolverine a.k.a Logan ni. Seriously, heartthrob. Follow all the X-Men movies,
the first Wolverine and waiting for upcoming sequel. Tolonglah cepat.

everyday superhero, haha! with cutlery.

this is when he is in need! wawawa! *pening*
Next and the last is of course Batman. Yeahh!! The man with mask, black one. Pernah gak terfikir
apesal semua superheroes pakai baju yang tight ala2 nak swimming gitu. Oh, rupenye senang
nak lompat sane, lompat sini, terbang sana, terbang sini kan.. Kalo berat, terbang-terbang kang
terhempas plak ke tanah. Okay, back to the Batman, banyak2 Batman, my fav is haruslah
Christian Bale. Muke die macam something. :) 

kap alip cha alip kap. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Do you have one? If you don't, you seriously need one. Yup! Kind of important, because
I have one. Hehe.. I love having scrap book cause it helps me keep things that very memorable
and seems like hard to find. Macam-macam yang berupa kertas la boleh sumbat dalam tu.
Start buat scrap book mase sekolah lagi, I have few now. Dalam scrap book tu
boleh simpan memories yang susah nak dapat for the second time like tickets, money 
notes from friends, postcards etc. Boleh D.I.Y project by making a scrap book  if you
like, but to me, it's more like to D.I.E project, so I just buy one. :)

Scrap book ni boleh cari kat kedai buku, kalau tak boleh beli photo album yang cover ngan
plastic tu, bukan yang masukkan tu. Senang sket, it stays forever kot kat situ. Hua3!

adhesive photo album, senang nak pakai.

So, why don't you start by having one now. Seronok untuk simpan bende-bende yang
susah nak dapat untuk second time, memorable, rare dan lain-lain. Ho4!


First day of school today!! Ho3! It's been ages since I left school. (Tak la ages sangat)
Well, my youngest brother now is in Form 4.  Pagi tadi mama tulis borang daftar
tukar sekolah budak gemuk tu *refer to my adik*, pastu dalam borang tu nak
macam-macam la contohnye  salinan I/C ibu bapa/penjaga, sijil nikah, result PMR dll 
lagi lah.


Mama : Adik, fotostat ni I/C mama ni. Asal kamu fotostat I/C papa je?
Gemuk: Dah die cakap kat situ I/C ibubapa atau penjaga je. Adik fotostat la I/C papa je.
Mama : Astagfirullah hal a'zim.... Kamu ada ibubapa kan,penjaga tu orang tak de ibu bapa. Sengal sungguh..
Aku    : (Sambil goreng nugget, pandang serong je) Hua3! Ngeng! 


Mama : Eh, skarang pon anak number 4 pon nak surat nikah ek? Masa korang dulu tak de plak.
Aku    : Ek? Ntah, rase zaman orang skolah dulu tak de pon. Macam-macam..
Mama : Tu la, punye la banyak anak tak sah taraf skarang ni, anak number brape2 pon kene surat nikah      jgak.
Gemuk: Ye la.... die nak tau adik ni warganegara atau tak. *muke konfiden*
Aku    : Heh....? tettt......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Alhamdulillah, manage to get through the 365 days of 2012, and now is the first day of
Officially, today is the 1st January of 2013, another year for me, 2013 was an AMAGAZING
year of mine, all the good things happened despite of bad one. :) Hoping for a better
2013, nothing more. Maybe with some improvements might work well. Ho3!
Doa la banyak-banyak ye smoge jiwa ni kental nak buat macam-macam dalam masa
365 hari ni. Like years before, no resolutions. Haha! Sebab kadang-kadang tengah tahun @ suku 
tahun nak habes tahun, tengah duduk saje-saje pon boleh ade azam kan.. Haha!
So nevermind. :D 

Eh, lupe! Hari ni jugak birthday my older abang, Safuan Kamil yang ke 230!! Bhahaha!
Selamat hari lahir and tahun baru. 

ye, die lagi chantek dari saye.

Oh, in my family, when you are a man, and you are 30 and 
above, not married yet, officially akan dicop GAY! Har3! Just a joke  in
my family. :) 

Have a happy and almost pefect 2013, insyaAllah.