Sunday, December 29, 2013


Salam, we are already at the end of 2013, for Gregorian Calendar. For Hijr
Calendar, it's been few months already. Alhamdulillah, new year, new
resolutions perhaps. Mine? I have none, or maybe one or two. From
previous years. Err.. Maybe from the last 5 years
eh? Yeah! Try to shed off few kilos of my baklava. Keh3!
It's possible but in term of Safura Kamil, it's impossible. Is there 
any personal trainer that willing to train me off?
Oh, gotta find a pair of new trainer. *alasan

Well, like previous years, 2013 is one of the best year ever.
 As planned and unplanned things, good things happened. MasyaAllah,
alhamdulillah for everything. There is no things that I don't feel 
grateful for. Either bad or good things. Bad as lessons, good 
as rewards. :) 
Learning new things, new surrounding, new friends
and life. Things passes by like a... hah! like
a spiked volleyball. 

And the most important thing! congratulations to my friends
who are already changing their statuses. Tebrikler! Mabrook!
Congratulations! Tahniah! Felicitaciones! *tu je tau
Oh, kepada kawan satu sekolah rendah, satu sekolah menengah
sampai habis form 6, dan juga kawan satu UUM, 
*amek!aku bold nama ko.haha!
tahniah di atas pertunangan anda. Mabrook! Laf u. Tahniah
jugak bakal suami ko yang duduk depan umah aku je. :p
May Allah bless both of you, please do the wedding
A.S.A.P. Haha!:D

empunya badan bernama Azura yang pakai baju pink tu. 

Well, am asking a favor, please do pray for me and friends
who are going to seat our language preparation exam next week.
Prayers are appreciated. Terima kasih! :D

Oh, I heard that Justin Bieber is going to retire. Hah! Good! 
Okay, till then. By the way, this upcoming
1st of January, it's going to be my big fat ugly and annoying
brother's birthday but I love him so much lah! Haha!
Happy 78th birthday! Later on, 11 days later,
it's going to be my super coffee color like
second brother. May Allah bless both of you, here and hereafter.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


This morning, it was snowing. Lama tak main snow. Haha!
Got the chance to play a little snow fight with Maryam. :p
It was fun but it was cold, I can feel my hands burning. 
*pegang snow lama sangat, tak pakai gloves*
(tak ingat letak gloves kat mana, malas nak cari*

Well, what I love about snow except the possibilities of
getting frost bite is, they are white, seems like
innocent but snow can give you something that you cant
imagine. contohnye... FROST BITE! haha!
Gurau je, xleh gurau pi surau.

So, here are the pictures.

Tamam! Sonra! Iyi geceler!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Salam! Today is Saturday! Alhamdulilllah. Hew3! I feel 
like a ROCKSTAR every weekend. Heh! Typical me. Haha!
So, today I went to an awesome place with friends, Maryam
and Rola. We had a very best time ever for this week.
Jyeah! Because the place is stunning, we let the child out of us. ;)
How beautiful the place is, I cant tell but maybe you can 
appreciate thru the pictures. 
Enjoy the picture people. We are lucky because
we may see the greatness of our creator.
All His creations are perfect, so be grateful for
what you have ya! Because we know that 
everything wont be last. :D

It was good to play outside!!! Haha! Thanks to friends. 
Okay, otak dah pening, catch on ya later. :D

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Salam, today is official, 2 months am being here, but I feel like 
I've been here like forever. Heh! Well, right after me friend, Cqa
text me that we are already being here for 2 months. Haha!
Tesekkuler canim. Well, nothing much happened here,
last 2 weeks I finished my A1 level exam, an passed to the next
level, A2. Now am in A2, quite struggling with the language
thou, maybe I was born not to be a person who
is into the language thingy. I love MANGCINDIANLISH! 
(Malay+Chinese+Indian+English)! (1Malaysia katenye)

Yup, autumn is officially here, it's been raining for 2 days
I guest, enjoying the coldness but not the wetness
because am having trouble to cooperate with one of the best
human innovation, UMBRELLA! I wish I just can put
a plastic bag on my head and walk. Ya, the idea is not making 
your head soaking wet, so you wont get sick. Please do agree. 

The best thing being here is am totally grateful for everything
that I have seen everyday, I mean the nature. Seriously
I will never get tired of it, am sure am going
to miss it when am leaving. Stunning and mesmerizing
views I have been witnessed everyday, MasyaAllah.

Yeah, one more thing, to my UUMers friends,
please dooooo not, please do not jeleskan aku dengan gambor
konvo atau aku balik for good 3 tahun nanti, korang 
tak dapat ape2 cenderamata dari Turki, hanyalah kecennnnderaan. Haha!
Well, am really want to congratulate all my friends
who are going to hold their scroll next week. MasyaAllah, all the
efforts are paid off already. Alhamdulillah, am glad but at the same time,
there is something buried deep in my heart, I can feel something is missing.
Yeah, to hold the scroll and give it to my parents whilst having a
great big blast insane good time with all my monkey friends. Nama
monkeys itu adalah seperti berikut ( Ejah, Mas, Farah ). For Wani
anak Kamal, you are lucky because you graduated earlier than us. Haha!
Lonjong!! I miss ya!

Till then, dont miss me too much Malaysia. 
Yes, I miss my beautiful and wonderful parents, ugly brothers and cousins already. 
Hugs and kisses from Kocaeli, Turkiye.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Salam! Hari ni hari cuti! Saye gembira tak terkata! Semalam
pulak half day. Haha! Jadi saya pon berisar-siar
di merkez (city center) lagaknye seperti pandai berbahasa Turki.
Eceh! haha! Well, hari ni cuti Hari Kemerdekaan Turki,
the day when they turned into republic.

Well, am quiet enjoying my evening yesterday with Maryam, strolling
ourselves in the street. We had our good time. Keh3!
We were talking to local people, try to understand
what are they saying. Dan haruslah aku ngan muke konfiden macam
dah dok sini sejak tahun 1989. Okay, tunggang langgang pon
ape pedulik. Haha! Lone ranger je, I like Lone Ranger.

So semalam menyempat la rembat 2 pasang boots fr 100 TL.
Lumayan kottt! Egegege! Pastu melantaks Burger King,
after awhile kan. Ngeh3! Treat ourselves good yesterday.
Sambil cuci mata tengok barang ape yang perlu untuk upcoming
winter ni. Jyeah! Well, tempat yang gua berjalan-jalan semalam
called Fethiye Street reminds me of those days when I was walking
''sightseeing things" at Northumberland Street. Hua3!
Thanks to my roommate, Merve for the instructions! Benim Canim!

Well, to know the local, you have to be among
the local. Well, I choose to shop among the locals. Bhaha! Same concept

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum. This is not going to be a long entry thou since
it's cold outside. haha! Can you relate the weather outside
and my ability in writing an entry when the weather is cold outside.
You should can because.. because if not I will 
pull your nose out! :p

Well, this is my first eid without family around me, but alhamdulillah
I have sisters that can fulfill the feelings of "Hari Raya Cara Malaysia". 
We had our eid down east of Turkey, Konya. What a beautiful
place, I cant describe it with words. MasyaAllah, beautiful place
to visit. The signature things about Konya are Selcuk Uni, Mevlana
Dance, Japon Park. 

Terima kasih kepada host raya kali ini, abla kecik
Farah Afzan yang comel gilos! Haha! Laff
you, hopitaliti tip top of the mountain. :)

Okay, see you again. Salam! :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Done with homework! Alhamdulillah. Seriously, this language is
some kind of a big challenge of the year for me. Haha! Okay,
not going to tell about my TOMER, but the stunning views that
am witnessing everyday. After few days of rainy day last week,
this week seems like promising something positive. InsyaAllah.
Eh,of course something positive, next week is Eid! Haha!
Kurban Eid. Planning to Konya, InsyaAllah.
Okay, I really want to share pictures that I took
in Kocaeli University. Hew3!