Monday, July 2, 2012


An END! different people has different opinion and thinking about this word. So do I. To me, I love that word because it gives me some kind of goosebumps sometimes. Yup, exactly. Actually, to me as a Safura Kamil, I love everything that has an end because it makes me grateful with all the things that had happened during the times. Like I said before, live your life to the fullest no matter how hard it is, cause for quiet some time, it will END. I love to think that everything that has end, will make our life start another new chapter. No regrets! That is what I love to do in my life, doing things that I love and hate to the fullest, so I can learn something in the end. One of my favourite line in Rascal Flatts song, "a pocket full of regrets pull us faster than a sunset". Truly agree. Think again, an end is not a bad thing tho, but it brings us to another chap of life mates! Well, since this is my last semester in UUM and so does me friends who are Nur Shazwani bt Mustapha Kamal, Siti Khodijah bt Mohammad Saiful Bahri and Nur Mastura bt Muhammed, * no matrik nak?? ni kalo tanye bebudak badak ni no matrik aku,haremm tak ingat* this entry is about all of you. I have been planning this for quiet sometime. I really do hope that in next 5 year, God's will, the jokes that used to be our kudapan in UUM still be funny. Yesss!!! Going to miss all the jokes, our jokes that nobody other than us can understand. Of course la yang ridiculous punye. Not intellectual jokes yea. Koh3! yep, these are few things that I'm going to miss like duduk gelak macam orang putus wayar bumi dalam gelap atas padang Kachi sampai pengsan and when I was in Kachi, the best thing do is rebut2 naik bus and tengok orang rebut naik bus. Kekadang tu bukan in rush sangat pon, tp sebab mcm seronok plak rebut2 ni. Uncle bus plak macam menggalakkan macam acara rebut bus tu akan dipertandingkan dalam Olimpik. So, kitorg sahut cabaran la. Mano tau qualified Olimpik London 2012 ni khenn..

our hands print! wee!

 So, I made this 2 videos as suka2, nak buat gelak tahap lipan terbang je.Pastu nak buat kenangan je kot sbb penah hidup sekali. Besides showing that how much I love and adore them biar pon diorang le manusia yang paling annoying serta menjengkelkan penah existed kat muke bumi yang indah permai ni. Ekekeke,kalo aku ade peluang, dah lame aku letak dalam tong pastu kambus dalam lobang pastu simen pastu timbun dengan lori balak pastu bina taman tema air kat situ. Hua3! sah berhantu tempat tu because they just can't sit and stay at one place. Kah3! Well, just gurau2 je, jangan lepas ni korang lambung and baling aku masuk kubang buaya plak. :p So, enjoy the videos! <3 Jap! Before the video, tengok la kudap-kudapan ni dulu, gegambares mase in the making. Cheers!

macam mat pet je..totally fried!ha2

excited meniup,tertelan
bubbles tu jap g

x paham!

aman la plak


budak depan tu xde idea.
*mental illness punye muke*

excited siap dulu

semua orang usaha tolong bagi idea kat Wani. 

last skali siap. tunggu sampai nak subuh hari...ish3..

final product from us. :)

before leaving.

So,here comes the video. This video is like our Cross Cultural Management class, How Well Do You Know Each Other. :) But to me, we don't know each other well but we see from each other are kebiasaan, the things yang we see everyday about them. Nobody knows others. :D 

haaaa, lagu tema untuk this entry is  Pop Mashup Thank You adn Goodbye. It's such a great video made by a guy. Enjoy eh.