Friday, February 25, 2011


okay,let me begin with a question, do you ever think of what will happen if you have nobody in your life to be with for the rest of your life,to settle your life with and to hold you when you are down? I bet you do because all these questions are rigid to people who has soul and feelings. So I'm seriously just don't get it why few people able to leave their family and friends for just a man. I said just for a man because this thing always happened to girls and womans. Rarely happened to man.But depends on the situation. I know not all the people that ever existed in this world have a good and loving family. If not, and it is better to get out of the house to find a new life, better life, it is fine. I just don't get it when it's happened to a girl who has a loving, caring and responsible family. I wrote this in my blog because I've seen this thing happened in my own family but I wont tell who is she.

To me, I would die if I lose one of my family members seriously especially my parents. I was born in a BIG and HAPPY family. Full of life, laugh, beautiful cousins surrounding me. Especially my female cousins. I love them very much because I have none sister in my siblings. Family is the nearest place I would go to have an advice, support and guidance. I believe almost the people would do the same when he or she commits into a problem or tangled situation. Because it's just in your bones. You trust your family just like you trust your blood to bring oxygens to your heart right? Because blood brings life to your heart, as your life savior.

Recently we heard lots of news that girls who should be under their parents care runaway with older guys from Indonesia especially that came from a place called Lombok. Almost each, right in the headline of our local newspapers, parents begging for a mercy in order to bring their baby girl back to their arms because of hardness of living in Lombok. What makes me burst into red is why can't those stupid girls think of about it before they ran away with their SOUL MATE??? oh yeah, almost forget. They are just love to be a MORON! Rather to leave all the comfy and family love just for A LOVE that we didn't sure about it yet. For more, what makes me madder is the foreign guys who came here to work as labors. Heyyyy!! listen to me yeah, stop messing up with Malaysian girls who are stupid and easily fell in love with all of you. If you come here to work, go for it, we Malaysians don't mind at all because we have such a good heart to give our jobs to immigrants. So bear with it!!!

Oh yea, do all of you ever notice that almost all the girls that stranded in Lombok are under 18. We heard that most of them is about 15 to 17. Get pregnant at the early ages of teenage life, when their body is still under develop because according to a research, the exact and perfect age to a women to get pregnant is 19. On that age, women's body is fully developed, so pregnancy would't harm the bones because they are stop growing ever since.

According to local police statistic, each year almost 3000 thousand girls started with age of 10 ran away from their own house in order to look and find for freedom, friends influence and the happiness to be loved by opposite sex. Oh wait! Not anymore. Nowadays lots of cases that girls are trapped in same sex love which is lesbian and pengkid. Owh... what is happening to our world nowadays. Ya, just like in our holy Qur'an said, the signs of the end of world is men going back with acting like in Jahilliyah time. Thousand years ago before the acceptance of Islam among the men's life.

Actually, I have lots of things to write in here but my time is straining. Have something to catch up and we'll see each other next time ya,insyaAllah.

Assalamualaikum, be good until then and keep smiling.Love ya'll.